Mid-century furniture, pictures, decorative, rare and unusual interior design pieces.
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Based in Manchester Butler and Brown have been trading in vintage furniture, wall art, antique furniture and interior design pieces for almost 30 years.
We aim to provide you with unusual and stylish items. People are always looking for rare and smart pieces to express their individuality.
Our items are sourced from all over Europe and the US. The owners Frank and Marie select them personally. This ensures that we can give you have a clear understanding our items:
• Provenance
• Real worth
• Quality
Over 30 years we have gained much experience and knowledge. We are happy to share this with our customers.
Do you have a request for a specific item?
Maybe you would like to know the history of the pieces available?
Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone 07854 031968 or email: [email protected]
We have enjoyed sourcing our unique range of stylish and unusual items. We hope you feel inspired by how they can enhance your space.